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COVID-19 Impact on Activated Carbon Market in 2020 – Know the Forecast Demand till 2026

Activated Carbon Market Overview

Mounting concerns surrounding the steadily climbing mercury pollution levels across the globe is set to emerge as the primary growth driver for this market in the coming years. Mercury emissions from anthropogenic sources have risen at an exponential rate since the industrial revolution. According to the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), artisanal and small scale gold mining is responsible for almost 38% of the global mercury emissions, followed by stationary combustion of coal at 21%. The element is highly toxic for humans and the environment, causing irreparable damage to both.

However, it can be removed from liquid and gas streams through adsorption processes enabled by activated carbon. This material works as a highly efficient carrier for impregnate that react with mercury and contain it within the adsorbent particles. Thus, proven efficacy of activated carbon adsorption in mercury removal operations is likely to fuel the Activated Carbon Market growth in the foreseeable future.

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List of Top Players Covered in the Activated Carbon Market Report Include:

  • Osaka Gas Chemicals Co., Ltd.
  • Donau Carbon GmbH
  • Cabot Corporation
  • Kuraray Co., Ltd.
  • Activated Carbon Technologies
  • Silcarbon Aktivkohle GmbH
  • Ingevity
  • Iluka Resources
  • James Cumming & Sons
  • Universal Carbons (India)
  • Carbon Activated Corporation
  • Troxnox
  • Active Char Products
  • Adsorbent Carbons
  • Genuine Shell Carb
  • Indo German Carbons
  • Other Players

The Global Activated Carbon Market Size is slated to reach USD 4.09 billion by 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of 5.2% during the forecast period. Fortune Business Insights™, in its new report, titled Activated Carbon Market Size, Share & Industry Analysis, By Form (Powdered, Granular, and Others), By Application (Water Treatment, Air & Gas Purification, Food & Beverage, Others), and Regional Forecast, 2019-2026“, states that the value of the market stood at USD 2.73 billion in 2018.

The report additionally provides answers to the following questions:

  • What is the overall industry outlook for the market?
  • What are the key driving factors for the market and what are the challenges?
  • How will regional developments influence the market?
  • Who are major companies in this market and what are their strategies?
  • What are the main market segments and how are shaping the growth of the market?

Activated Carbon Market Driver:

Worsening Water Pollution Worldwide to Fuel the Uptake of Activated Carbon

One of the leading Activated Carbon Market trends is the increasing demand for activated carbon around the globe owing to its effectivity in removing pollutants from contaminated water. Water pollution is a matter of grave concern for international and national bodies as lack of access to water has direct ramifications on the socio-economic fabric of a country. Rising industrial activities and expanding urban areas are aggravating the problem. The UNEP estimates that nearly 80% of wastewater in the world goes untreated.

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Activated charcoal can prove useful in this scenario. For example, powdered activated carbon is capable of removing an extensive variety of organic pollutants from wastewater due to its larger surface area to volume ratio. Thus, the water can be recycled and reused in industries, avoiding the need to release it into freshwater bodies. Taking into consideration the multiple environmental benefits of activated carbon, its market is poised to experience a period of robust growth and expansion during the forecast period.

Regional Dynamics

Rising Demand for Wastewater Treatment to Drive the Market in Asia-Pacific

Asia-Pacific is anticipated to lead the Activated Carbon Market share in the forecast period on account of the escalating demand for new technologies for treatment of wastewater in India and China. Moreover, rapid growth in population in these countries would necessitate the need for potable water, which is expected to spike the demand for activated carbon filters in the region.

North America boasted of a market size of USD 709.7 million in 2018 and is expected to continue its impressive run owing to the stringent industrial emission legislations being implemented in the US. Similar nature of environmental laws will propel the market in Europe, while increasing focus on water purification will boost the market in Latin America, according to the Activated Carbon Market analysis.

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