SA’s vaccination plan. What he hasn’t said is that his company makes alternative medicines

Ironically, Hudson and PANDA frequently claim that scientists and science reporters who receive funding from the Gates Foundation or Open Society Foundation (OSF) have conflicts of interest. PANDA and Hudson have been feeding conspiracy theories that Bill Gates and George Soros (the billionaire funder of OSF) have nefarious interests in Covid. (GroundUp receives funding from OSF.)

PANDA promotes the use of alternative treatments, rather than population-wide vaccine adoption, to combat Covid. In an article published on the PANDA website on 20 September the authors write:

“It has been publicly stated that the response, ‘poured billions of dollars into ventilator production and new drug and vaccine development, but spent virtually nothing on research and trials using existing drugs and nutraceuticals.’” (Here PANDA favourably quotes Ron Johnson, a US Republican Senator who has adopted an anti-vaccine stance.)






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