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The Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations is an advisory committee established to provide overall policy advice to the United States Trade Representative on matters arising in connection with the development, implementation, and administration of the trade policy of the United States including: negotiating objectives and bargaining positions before entering into trade agreements, the impact of the implementation of trade agreements, matters concerning the operation of any trade agreement once entered into, and other matters arising in connection with the development, implementation, and administration of the trade policy of the United States. The Committee includes up to 45 members recommended by the U.S. Trade Representative who are appointed by the President and have expertise in general trade, investment, and development issues, including representatives of non-federal governments, labor, industry, agriculture, small business, service industries, retailers, nongovernmental environmental and conservation organizations, and consumer interests.

Mitchell W. Berger

Mitchell W. Berger founded Berger Singerman LLP, a business law firm in Florida, in 1985, and has over 40 years of successful representation in commercial disputes for small businesses, medium-sized businesses, and Fortune 500 companies. Berger has received numerous industry accolades, including being named Co-Lawyer of the Year by the National Law Journal and being recognized by Chambers & Partners USA for 14 consecutive years.

Committed to furthering innovation in the legal industry, Berger established the Sharon and Mitchell W. Berger Entrepreneur Law Clinic at Nova Southeastern University’s (NSU) Shepard Broad College of Law. The clinic enables NSU to provide direct legal service to nonprofit organizations, students, and researchers associated with the NSU Center for Collaborative Research and innovators in the technology and life sciences communities. Berger currently serves as a member of the Board of Trustees of NSU.

Berger previously represented then-Vice President Al Gore and then-Senator Joe Lieberman in lawsuits following the aftermath of the 2000 presidential election. He also served as Chair of the Student Loan Marketing Association Sallie Mae, Commissioner on the Florida Environmental Regulation Commission, a member of the United States Small Business Administration Advisory Board, and a member of the Environmental Financial Advisory Board to the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Berger currently serves on the Independent Audit Committee for the Alliance for Climate Protection. He received his B.A., magna cum laude, from Lafayette College and his J.D. from Temple University.

J. Michael Bowman

J. Michael Bowman is the Associate Director of the Office of Economic Innovation and Partnerships at the University of Delaware. He holds two additional leadership roles, serving as Founder and CEO/President of the Delaware Technology Park and as the State Director of the Small Business Development Center. Over the past 25 years, Bowman has led the growth of a robust technology-based ecosystem and assisted a variety of small businesses to thrive throughout Delaware.

Amy Bircher Bruyn

As CEO and Founder of MMI Textiles, Inc. Amy Bircher Bruyn leads her team in sales and product development. She is the Immediate Past Chairman of the Advanced Textiles Association. In 2016, Bircher Bruyn invented and filed a design and utility patent for the creation of CTEdge, a concealed edge technology used in webbing and tape within the military and law enforcement markets. She recently opened her own narrow weaving facility in Lenoir, North Carolina to produce her patented webbing product and other military spec webbing to support the needs of our military and tactical markets. Bircher Bruyn has over 40 years of experience in the U.S. textile industry and supplies her products all over the world. She has successfully acquired three other textile businesses since founding MMI Textiles.

Bircher Bruyn received a B.S. in Textiles and Clothing from West Virginia University (WVU). While advancing her career and the industry she loves, Bircher Bruyn has stayed connected to her roots, sharing what she knows with others as a part of the Visiting Committee at WVU. Most recently, she pledged $200,000 to her alma mater for the development of a new textile lab, which opened on April 17, 2021, and is named the Amy A. Bircher Textile Laboratory.






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