Readout of White House meeting on the Ongoing Response to the Collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge

MRA AND MRI The White House underscored President Biden’s commitment to stand with Baltimore every step of the way in this recovery. White House officials thanked participants for the collaboration and partnership between teams at the federal and state level. The meeting focused on updates on removing wreckage from the channel, supporting impacted workers and the families of the victims, reopening the port to vessel traffic, and rebuilding the bridge.

The group discussed progress towards fully reopening the federal shipping channel by the end of May, including the next major milestone of removing the cargo ship M/V DALI next week. Participants discussed ongoing engagement with port stakeholders to ensure a safe and orderly return of maritime traffic as one-way and then two-way traffic is restored at the full 50-foot depth. The group also discussed efforts to support impacted workers and businesses through state and federal programs, and the group’s shared support for the families of workers who lost their lives in the bridge collapse. Participants also highlighted efforts at the state and federal level to ensure a rapid rebuild of the bridge. The White House will continue to work in lockstep with state and federal partners to minimize the impacts of the devastating collapse and to support affected communities.






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